Welcome to the Shabby Divas!  Home of Pixie Dust Paint Company, $5 Paint Club, and The Social Divas!  

Hi Friends!  Welcome to Shabby Divas!  I’m Sarina, a serial creative entrepreneur!  I’ve been a creative my entire life and have owned 5 creative businesses in 22 years.  I sold a business many years ago to start Pixie Dust and recently I sold our brick and mortar and started the $5 Paint Club.  I love nothing more than helping creatives see their true potential and show them that they REALLY can make money with their passion, they just have to have the ability to think outside of the box (and embrace social media).  Below you will find links to each of my platforms and if you want to follow me on Social media, I’d love to welcome you into my world! 



So it all started one night with a 3 am vision to create an amazing product that would allow me to make any color of chalk/mineral paint I wanted.  I had been doing several custom pieces and clients were always asking, can you match this color?  So I created a powder mixture our of chalk, clay, and earth based minerals that would give my paint finishes a silky velvet finish!  Mission accomplished!  We officially launched Pixie Dust to the paint world in 2013 and since then we have created the only liquid additive on the market, a vegan wax and an amazing texture product that will make life so much easier with pieces that tend to make life really hard!  Pixie is my brain child and since opening the gates we have had over 7000 happy customers….all because I couldn’t sleep one night!  Pixie Dust Paint Company “We make paint magical”….

I wanted to create a place where people can learn everything from the basics of painting furniture as well as the latest paint and home decor trends.   I spent several months asking my customers, students and followers what they wanted.  Time and time again they told me, “I just want to learn how to paint”, “I want videos that cut to the chase”, “I want to learn about new products and how to correctly use them”, and “I want to ask more money for the pieces I’m painting”.  Hearing that over and over again inspired me to create a platform that does exactly that!!! But I wanted to give everyone the ability to join.   I can’t wait to have the opportunity to inspire you, grow your talent and maybe even your business!

You know how I said up above that creatives need the ability to think outside the box and EMBRACE SOCIAL MEDIA?!?!?!  Over the past two years of mentoring local creatives I realized that we can’t do it all! A few years ago I reached out to one of my loyal followers and asked her if she could help me with a couple product launches for Pixie we become great friends and today Shawnissy and I are business partners (this is all about COLLABORATE don’t compete). In mid 2018 I was getting ready to launch the $5 Paint Club, I asked Shawn to take over my IG accounts and help admin the group so I could focus on the club launch. She knocked it out of the park.  After months of creative content day in and out, we realized from our followers that they too struggle with creating content that inhibits their ability to grow their following in the social world and find the confidence to take it to video!!!   They also lack the skills they need to build sales platforms that cater to the needs of creatives and with all those needs….The Social Divas was born.  With our soft launch April 2019, we are thrilled to be working with a couple dozen creatives and we have already seen them grow in such a short time.  We plan to do a full launch later in the summer with our amazing courses such as a 9 week course on the Golden Triangle of Online Sales,  an 8 week course on how to convert your Instagram into an engaging platform”, and so much more!!!! Follow us on social media!!!!