About the Sarina

When most people think of a “creative” they think… artsy, trendy, & stylish! Well that’s not me! HAHA!

About the Sarina

When most people think of a “creative” they think… artsy, trendy, & stylish! Well that’s not me! HAHA!

On an average day I have 17 new business ideas, of which at least one keeps me awake at night and by the end of the week I’m ready to move forward with at least two of them! Thankfully, I have a husband who keeps me grounded without calling me crazy, he just calls me the “Idea Girl”!

I am the face behind Pixie Dust Paint Company (2013), Shell Point Cottage (2014), $5 Paint Club (2018), and The Social Divas (2019). I’m a serial insomniac entrepreneur who has had more start ups that most of the people in silicone valley of which all of them were/are successful in their own ways.

In 2014 I found that my passion was truly mentoring other creatives and local business owners, teaching them how to take their passion of being a “squirrel” and actually make money at it! I have had the pleasure of working one on one with some of the Tampa Bay’s most influential creatives. What a joy it has been to watch them flourish. In January 2019 it was time to take my mentoring online and was given the gift of helping over 70 creatives learn, flourish, and grow their creative business outside of just one stream of revenue.

To date I have created over 40 tutorials, 5 monetized groups, 2 membership groups, and 2 signature courses (Passion to Profit and Golden Triangle of Online Sales). I know what it takes to run a product based business, a Brick & Mortar, and most of all I know what it takes to create successful courses for other creatives and how to monetize your social following no matter how big or small. Unlike other coaches/mentors, I’m in the trenches each day growing my creative businesses, sharing what works and what doesn’t. I don’t teach what I don’t know (I leave that to the experts).

I would love the opportunity to help you grow your creative business. Drop me an email and tell me your passion and let’s see if we can turn that into a profitable stream of revenue!

After 5

After age 5 we moved back to Oregon living in several different towns over the course of 12 years (we were kind of like Oregon Gypsy's....although don't tell my mom that)

Age 16

I had the chance to graduate H.S. at age 16, but my mother wouldn’t let me

Age 19

At age 19 I got my second Nanny Job in Chester NJ and spent almost 3 amazing years living in NYC, NY, and PA...it was the most amazing experience of my life!

Age 25

At age 25 I landed my first teaching job....it lasted 6 months! HAHA!

Age 32

At age 32 I became mom to the most amazing son, Sebastian.

Age 43

At age 43 I married the love of my life Johnathan (see God does have a plan for us).

Before 5

Before the age of 5 I had lived in Portland, Oregon., Marquette Michigan, Charleston S.C., and Clark A.F. B Philippines

Age 18

At age 18 (I was really 17 but lied) I got my first Nanny Job in Washington state. I hated it!

Age 22

At age 22 I moved to Tampa, FL to finish College and have been here ever since!

Age 25.5

At age 25.5 I began what would become a 20 year career in the financial planning industry.

Age 34

At age 34 I was a divorced single mom (would not change a thing....best time of my life...learned to make lemonade out of oranges).

Life Goals...

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