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$5 paint club

For many years, I traveled the states teaching and mentoring furniture artists and brick and mortar shop owners on how to take their techniques and businesses to the next level. In early 2018, I had my “Coming to Jesus” moment when I decided that I wanted and needed to be home with my family, but there was no way I could leave behind my passion. I decided to sell our famed brick and mortar (the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do) and I began working on mapping out a membership club that allowed me to teach my passion of flipping furniture, home decor projects, crafts, and most of all encouraging our members to teach their passion all from the comforts of my home studio! After several long months of building out our site the $5 Paint Club came to life September 2018 and what an amazing journey it has been!

Pixie Dust Paints

At Pixie Dust Paint Company we are all about offering the finest paint additive and finishing products on the market today.  Our products are 100& all Natural, Food Grade, and most of all Organic.  Unlike most waxes on the market our Hemp Oil Base wax is also 100% plant base and contains no animal based oils or waxes making it one of the only Vegan friendly waxes in the market.

Social Divas

Mentoring Creatives to take their businesses to the next level by building brand awareness, multiple streams of revenue and cultivating customer relationships through social media and beyond!

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